Top 10 Best Work Life Balance Jobs 

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Work life balance jobs are essential for getting the most out of your personal and family life. But they could also be beneficial for your professional life, enabling you to increase your productivity and derive more satisfaction from your job. In this article, we take a look at some of the best work life balance jobs available. 

What Are Work Life Balance Jobs?

As the name implies, “work life balance jobs” are jobs that enable you to balance the requirements of work and personal life more evenly. More often than not, this involves eliminating the opposition that commonly exists between work and other roles in our lives. 

In an ideal situation, we would exist in a state of near-total equilibrium, in which we are able to maintain equal focus on our professional, personal, and family life. One solution by which we could be able to achieve this is by taking on more flexible work arrangements. For many, this involves taking on jobs that allow you to work from home

Why Are Work Life Balance Jobs Important?

The best work life balance jobs give you ample time to enjoy your personal and family life without compromising the quality of your work. This could have many important personal benefits, including an improvement in your health and well-being. 

Many people who opt to work from home actually find themselves becoming more productive, which benefits the workplace as well. Furthermore, having the ability to control your schedule and to work on your own terms may increase the satisfaction that you derive from working. 

What Work Life Balance Jobs Are Available? 

Here are some potentially lucrative and rewarding work life balance jobs you could explore. 

1. Home Customer Service Associate

National Average Salary: $13.47 per hour

Primary Responsibilities: Home Customer Service Associates provide assistance to external and internal customers of retail stores via phone, email, or live chat. They typically use a wide variety of tools and programs to navigate websites and perform research on customer accounts. Depending on the specifics of the job, Home Customer Service Associates may be required to review options and solutions targeted toward customers, and facilitate effective communication with them. 

Many Home Customer Service Associates use computers to navigate the internet, search through websites, communicate via email, social media, and instant messenger, or live chat. They will often have to solve problems and come up with specific solutions to customers’ questions. 

Qualifications: Most Home Customer Service Associate positions require candidates with High School diplomas or equivalent educational certification. Previous experience in the area of customer service is beneficial, and most employers prioritize those with previous experience in a call center setting. 

Home Customer Service Associates will need problem-solving skills and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment. They should be able to follow written and verbal instructions and be willing to learn other aspects of the business. 

Companies offering work opportunities: Services LLC, Sedgwick, HOM Solutions Inc 

2. Internet Help Desk Support

National Average Salary: $16.07 per hour to $20.11 per hour

Primary Responsibilities: Internet Help Desk Support Personnel will be required to perform a variety of tasks, including answering inbound customer calls and handling queries regarding the company’s products and services. They may be called upon to utilize and navigate a variety of technical systems to verify and perform troubleshooting services and isolate problem issues. 

Much of the work of Internet Help Desk Support Personnel involves providing customers with a positive support experience by exhibiting professionalism in every aspect of their role. They should be receptive to coaching initiatives and feedback to achieve individual, team, and company-wide goals. In some cases, Internet Help Desk Support Personnel will have to recommend products that will enhance the user experience for a customer or resolve a specific issue. 

Qualifications: Openings for Internet Help Desk Support Personnel usually require candidates with high school diplomas or equivalent educational attainment. Some positions require two years of experience, with at least one year of relevant professional experience. Some companies may accept college hours in place of practical experience.

Companies offering work opportunities: Windstream Communications, Bell Techlogix, Liquidity Services, Inc.

3. Remote Telehealth RN

National Average Salary: $62,989 per year (Triage Nurse) to $86,284 per year (Telemetry Nurse)

Primary Responsibilities: Remote Telehealth RNs perform many of the administrative and patient care functions of registered nurses but in a remote capacity. Much of their job involves answering incoming phone calls and electronic messages from patients with health concerns. When answering specific questions, these professionals may follow scripts prepared for them by their employers. 

Remote Telehealth RNs will be expected to follow clinical guidelines on self-care, treatment procedures, medicine administration, and quarantine. If necessary, they may provide information on specific treatments and diagnostic procedures, and refer patients to other clinics and hospital, or primary care physicians.

Qualifications: Remote Telehealth RNs are expected to have the necessary license to practice in their state. Depending on the employer, prior residence in the state may be a requirement as well. Some companies require candidates to have two years of experience as a registered nurse, preferably in a Telehealth setting. Candidates should also be customer service-oriented and have access to a high-speed internet connection.  

Companies offering work opportunities: AxisPoint Health, Emory, Iron Bow Technologies  

4. Medical Billers

National Average Salary: $16.27 per hour

Primary Responsibilities: Medical Billers are primarily responsible for ensuring that technical and professional medical claims are submitted to insurance firms on time. These professionals may represent hospitals or doctor’s offices, nursing homes, or other types of healthcare facilities.

The day-to-day responsibilities of Medical Billers may vary considerably depending on the company they work for. In most cases, they will be required to obtain referrals and pre-authorization documents required for specific procedures. They may also check patient eligibility and verify available benefits for hospitalization, treatment, and other procedures.

Medical Billers often review the accuracy and completeness of patients’ bills and obtain missing information if necessary. They typically use billing software to prepare, review, and transmit insurance claims. 

Qualifications: Most Medical Biller positions require candidates to have a high school diploma and thorough knowledge of business and accounting processes. These qualifications are typically obtained by completing an Associate’s Degree with a major in Business Administration, Accounting, or Health Care Administration. Most employers require candidates to have at least one year of experience in a medical office.

Companies offering work opportunities: SpectraMedi Microsoft Office, Blue Shield of California, TruBridge 

5. Social Media Specialist

National Average Salary: $13.95 per hour

Primary Responsibilities: Social Media Specialists are primarily responsible for building and executing social media strategies by way of research, audience identification, benchmarking, and messaging. Their day-to-day tasks include writing, developing, and strategizing the production and scheduling of online content. 

In some cases, Social Media Specialists play a central role in the crisis management initiatives of a company. They may be expected to counteract negative reviews and news communications. 

Much of a Social Media Specialist’s role involves generating, editing, publishing, and sharing content. This content often includes text, images, videos, and HTML, any or all of which the Social Media Specialist may be expected to share daily. 

Social Media Specialists are also often tasked with establishing connections and building relationships with community members via dialog and messaging. They may also be in charge of creating and maintaining the social media pages of the company. 

Qualifications: Some Social Media Specialist positions require candidates to have a Bachelor’s degree in marketing or communication. Candidates with two or more years of experience in digital marketing and social media usually have the edge over other candidates. It is also usually beneficial to be familiar with the application of social media for business purposes, to be knowledgeable about project management and web design, and to understand social media metrics.  

Companies offering work opportunities: VoiceHub, Worldgroup Careers MWT 

6. Remote Overnight Dispatcher 

National Average Salary: $13.20 per hour

Primary Responsibilities: Remote Overnight Dispatchers are often tasked with ticket management functions after hours. They are usually required to be available and logged into the support queues for managed services and be able to use the necessary tools with a high level of proficiency. In most cases, Remote Overnight Dispatchers are the first point of contact when issues come up after hours, for which they have to implement the company’s standard processes. 

The actual tasks of Remote Overnight Dispatchers include answering service calls and emails and obtaining the necessary information to address any issues. They will have to gather the information required to identify relevant ticket details and review these details to understand better how to address the specific issue at hand. 

Remote Overnight Dispatchers are also responsible for prioritizing and assigning tickets to the appropriate personnel. They will update clients on the status of open tickets and follow company-mandated client escalation procedures. If necessary, they will contact engineers and managers who are on-call. 

Qualifications: Many positions for Remote Overnight Dispatchers require candidates that can work nights, even during the weekends. Most such firms provide 24/7 service, so they need personnel that can handle the standard hours of the job. 

Companies offering work opportunities: Entara – Illinois

7. Data Entry Clerk

National Average Salary: $2,225 per month

Primary Responsibilities: What Data Entry Clerks essentially do is extract data from one medium and input it into another, often with the aid of commonly available research tools. Their day-to-day tasks include entering information such as names, addresses, dates, figures, and other data into word processing programs, databases, and spreadsheets.

Depending on the demands of the job, Data Entry Clerks may also prepare graphics and text for reports and presentations. They may be tasked with scanning and reviewing data to verify their accuracy and ensure that they do not conflict with other data.

More specific job responsibilities include organizing data on a computer or physical filing systems. In some cases, Data Entry Clerks may be expected to field customer calls. 

Qualifications: Most Data Entry Clerk positions do not require education beyond a high school diploma. Most of the necessary skills can be learned in high school, although some community college credits may be beneficial. Experience with computer applications is also helpful, considering the job’s reliance on technology. 

Companies offering work opportunities: Stride 2 Hire Staffing Agency

8. Quality Analyst

National Average Salary: $14.11 per hour (Call Center Representative) to $33.24 per hour (Reporting Analyst)

Primary Responsibilities: Quality Analysts are primarily tasked with analyzing the quality of products and services of a company or the performance of company personnel. To fulfill their role, they may review prerecorded calls and evaluate the customer service representative, paying particular attention to the clarity of communication and empathy to the customer’s concerns. Quality Analysts may also gauge the representative’s compliance with company policies concerning customer service procedures. 

After the review, Quality Analysts prepare a written report of the representative’s performance, along with recommendations on improving their performance. The Quality Analyst may also provide a rating system for determining the customer’s degree of satisfaction with the service provided by the customer service representative. 

Qualifications: Quality Analyst positions require candidates with a high school diploma or a GED. Candidates with an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree will usually be prioritized over other candidates. Most companies also require candidates to have one to two years of experience in a position that involves problem-solving and logical reasoning. Customer service experience is also usually a plus factor. 

Companies offering work opportunities: Broadpath 

9. Medical Transcriptionists

National Average Salary: $13.87 per hour

Primary Responsibilities: Much of the work of a Medical Transcriptionists involves listening to voice recordings made by physicians and other healthcare professionals.  They then transcribe the content in the recording into written form. In some cases, they may review and edit documentation that was created with the use of speech recognition software. 

Also called Healthcare Documentation Specialists, Medical Transcriptionists are primarily responsible for interpreting medical terminology and abbreviations. The information is then used in preparing medical histories, discharge summary documents, and other written material.

Medical Transcriptionists may also identify errors in reports and fill in missing information that could adversely affect the quality of medical care that a patient receives. Other tasks include following up with healthcare providers to ensure the accuracy of medical reports, submitting health records for doctors’ approval, and entering reports into electronic health records (EHR) systems. 

Qualifications: Aspiring Medical Transcriptionists will need to have completed post-secondary education in Medical Transcription to be qualified for most positions. The necessary courses for one-year certificate programs or associate’s degree programs are available from vocational schools, community colleges, and distance-learning programs. 

Companies offering work opportunities: SpectraMedi MSO, Patient First

10. Insurance Reimbursement Specialists

National Average Salary: $40,459 per year

Primary Responsibilities: Insurance Reimbursement Specialists serve as go-betweens for insurance plan holders and insurance companies. Their primary role is to assist plan holders with their claims by listening to their concerns and addressing any issues that may come up. If necessary, Insurance Reimbursement Specialists escalate plan holders’ claims to the next higher authority to achieve a favorable resolution. 

Insurance Reimbursement Specialists typically use computers to prepare reports and other necessary documents. Depending on the employer, they may also perform administrative tasks such as email management, assignment completion, and a variety of other functions. Some Insurance Reimbursement Specialists even participate actively in department meetings, providing feedback on customer services and input on how to improve processes. 

Qualifications: Most positions for Insurance Reimbursement Specialists require candidates with high school diplomas or GEDs. Ideal candidates should be familiar with basic office software and have analysis and problem-solving skills. 

Companies offering work opportunities: Shared Services Center-Fort Smith, TruBridge, Ensemble Health Partners 

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