How Many Work From Home Jobs Are Currently Available

Have you ever thought about working from home? Have you ever wished if you were among the 5% of Americans that work from home every day–which works out to about 16,410,000 remote workers? You’re not alone. An estimated 54% of Americans wish they could work from home. This comes as no surprise considering that working from home is more comfortable and more convenient than working in an office.

But many people hesitate to make the shift to working from home simply because they don’t know what to expect. Most are reluctant to leave the security of their current jobs, especially without having a clear idea of how many work-from-home jobs are currently available.

To make you feel more confident about working from home, we researched the job market extensively. We discovered that there are 1,984,701‬ work from home jobs currently available in the United States, with more than 5,000 new jobs listed every week. With so many jobs available, finding remote employment and managing your own hours is a very real possibility. 

Steps to find work-from-home jobs 

To make it easier for you to find work-from-home jobs, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Visit verified job sites. We have a list of them mentioned below. 
  2. Create an account for the website you are interested in, put in your skills, and prepare a professional CV. 
  3. Search for a job, using the keywords: “Work from Home” or “Home” to get the best remote job choices. 
  4. Add in your location. Keep in mind that the results of the jobs might vary from location to location. 
  5. Now that you have a list of jobs, you can begin applying. Try to apply for 14 to 15 jobs per day to get a good number of responses quickly. 
  6. Every website has different amounts of jobs posted. Visit as many websites as possible to get the most results. 

After you have browsed a few websites and applied to some of them, you will quickly get a feel for which websites provide reliable results. 

Top 10 Websites Offering Best Work From Home Jobs

Let’s figure out which websites have the most number of work-from-home jobs currently available, with the best promising prospects. 


Over at there are 577,657 work-from-home jobs currently available

Indeed is widely considered to be the best job site on the internet at present. It is a verified website with plenty of jobs spanning a wide range of disciplines. Our initial research shows that it has 577,657 jobs currently available, for the keyword “work-from-home”. 

Jobs at Indeed range from data entry to programming. There is an option for every skill, with average salaries ranging from $14 to $24 per hour. You could get more varied results by alternating the keywords you use in your search. The site makes it easy for you to scroll through the jobs to find the ones that appeal to you the most. 


work from home jobs currently available at Ziprecruiter

ZipRecruiter is one of Indeed’s biggest competitors. The site currently has 495,916+ jobs available under the keyword “Work-From-Home in the United States”. The jobs at ZipRecruiter cover a wide range, and most seem to be from reputable firms.

Most of the listings at ZipRecruiter are for call-center representatives with average salaries of $15.45 to $26.79 per hour. These rates are pretty high for jobs that have flexible hours. If you would like to get paid more for the same job that you used to do in an office, ZipRecruiter is a great place to start looking.   


Glassdoor currently offers 334,491 home Jobs in the United States. 

Glassdoor is a lesser-known website that offers a good variety of jobs. The site currently offers 334,491 home Jobs in the United States. 

All the work-from-home jobs in Glassdoor pay substantial salaries ranging from $89,000 to $112,000 per annum. However, keep in mind that almost all the jobs require a degree and specific skill sets. Some jobs require more modest skills with correspondingly lower salaries. These less-demanding jobs are ideally suited for those willing to take on two part-time work-from-home jobs. 


Monster is an great source for work from home job opportunities.

Monster is an excellent source for work from home jobs and career opportunities. It is a US-based company that offers jobs all around the globe. The site currently has 258,889 Work from home jobs available in the United States. 

Monster competes directly with Glassdoor and has almost the same job listings. Jobs that are in demand tend to fluctuate considerably, and the most sought-after options vary from time to time. The average salaries can also vary widely from task to task. 


The Simply Hired website is quick and easy to navigate, and you can find jobs that suit all career needs easily.

Simply Hired offers the advantage of varied job listings that offer employment security and high salaries. The job application process is pretty straightforward, and creativity often pays off. The site currently has 250,506 home jobs available in the United States. 

The Simply Hired website is quick and easy to navigate, and you can find jobs that suit you with very little effort. It is a well-managed website with excellent customer support. Salaries range from $50,000 to $64,000 a year, which is pretty attractive for work-from-home jobs.


CollegeRecruiter screenshot of total work from home jobs currently listed.

CollegeRecruiter is ideally suited for job-seekers that do not have a college degree. Most of the listings on the site focus on skills rather than educational attainment. CollegeRecruiter currently has 38,713 Home jobs available in the United States. 

In many ways, CollegeRecruiter is as much an employment portal for college students as it is a typical job seekers’ site. Even so, there is a variety of excellent part-time and full-time jobs available, with annual salaries ranging from $40,000 to $90,000. Many jobs allow you to choose your preferred working hours as well. 


Reed offers 12,992 work from home jobs in the United States right now.

REED is an employment agency that is quite similar to Indeed. The main difference is that it is based in the United Kingdom rather than in the United States. The site offers 12,992 work from home jobs in the United States alone.

Because REED is based in the U.K., there aren’t as many job listings as you would find in U.S.-based sites. Nevertheless, there are still enough options available to find suitable employment. 


FlexJobs is known for mainly remote jobs, and are currently listing 9,212 legitimate home jobs.

FlexJobs is a job site that focuses mainly on remote jobs. Searching your particular skill will call up thousands of relevant jobs. The site currently has 9,212 home jobs available in the United States. 

As the name of the site suggests, FlexJobs has plenty of jobs available with flexible hours, many of which are from contractors looking to hire skilled workers for specific projects. 


CareerBuilder is a well known job listing site with currently more than 5,000 work from home jobs found.

CareerBuilder is another excellent website to look for jobs. It has offices all around the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. The site currently has more than 5,000 work from home Jobs in the United States. 

CareerBuilder has such a high rate of successful applications that there may be few jobs listed on the site occasionally. Average salaries range from about $17 to $25 per hour. Most applicants manage to find jobs in less than a week. It is one of the best job sites on the internet for those looking for quick employment. 

Randstad Holding

Randstad Holding currently has 1325 jobs available

Randstad Holding is a Netherlands-based job site that offers a wide variety of work-from-home jobs. Many of the site’s listings are ideally suited for dual-language speakers and those with excellent communication skills. Randstad Holding currently has 1325 home jobs available.

Admittedly, Randstad Holding doesn’t have as many jobs as most other online job portals. To its credit, however, the site has many other services to offer. Apart from investor relations, Randstad Holding also provides a full range of HR and customer services. The site’s work-from-home jobs tend to have a high employment rate. 

Taking the next big step 

Landing the ideal work-from-home job often entails a certain degree of risk. Like anything else worth pursuing, having a rewarding and fulfilling career that allows you a considerable amount of free time will require persistence and grit. 

Of course, working from home has other perks as well. A work-from-home job offers the following benefits: 

  • Flexible schedule
  • Comfortable and familiar environment 
  • Your preference in clothing 
  • No distractions and office politics 
  • Lower commuting costs  

As you may have realized by now, working from home has plenty to offer anyone regardless of work experience and chosen niche. Now that you know how many online jobs are available on the market, you should be more confident about making the transition from your current job to a more rewarding work-from-home arrangement. 

If you aren’t quite ready to take the plunge, consider transitioning into a work-from-home schedule gradually. You could, for example, take on some part-time jobs at home while still working at your current place of employment. As you begin to build a more substantial network and take on bigger and higher-paying jobs, you could consider working from home full time. 

Like anything else, working from home has its benefits and drawbacks. But as you get more and more into the lifestyle and find the optimum balance between work and home life, you will find that deciding to work from home is the best decision you have ever made. 

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