High Paying Jobs with Good Work Life Balance

High Paying Jobs with Good Work Life Balance

Ever forgot your beloved’s birthday (or even your anniversary) due to a conference meeting you couldn’t miss? This means you are from the third (30%) of the UK employee who works without any decent work-life balance according to ADP research.

Many people are searching for work with higher salaries but with fewer working hours to ensure proper work life balance.  Surveys by Workforce Institute have shown that nearly half the employees in the world can complete their work in five hours or less, but companies have policies to work for specific hours. 

High paying jobs with good work life balance in the U.K. and U.S. are not easy to find. But, there are still some highest paying jobs with a good work life balance that ensures stress-free working hours and more time to spend with your friends and family members. 

Following are some fun jobs that pay well, even if you work from home:

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are people who create visual concepts using the computer to communicate ideas with the audience through a single picture. They develop an overall design for magazines, advertisements, and many more.   

 high paying jobs with good work life balance | graphic designer

Market Demand: U.S. BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS has estimated that the market demand for graphic design will grow 3% in the next ten years.  

Average Salary: A graphic designer makes almost $33,000 – $63,000 per annum. The mean salary is about $48,000. 

Pros and Cons  

Graphic Designing is not for everyone, but it is a high-paying job with low work hours. Some graphic designers can finish their project in just 4 to 5 hours and can leave the office when their job is over. 

Following are the pros and cons of Graphic Designing:

  • You get to use your both creative as well as analytical sides of your brain 
  • Less Working Hours
  • Can work from home 
  • High Market Demand 
  • Less stress 
  • You learn from your every project 
  • You don’t need a degree if you are good in your work
  • Unexpected Work time 
  • Competitive Market 
  • You must love Graphic Designing to pursue it 

Social Media Manager 

With the upsurge in the fame of Social Media, everyone wants to get more followers and likes on their pages to become famous. Social Media Manager helps people to increase their follower count but using some techniques to optimize their accounts according to the latest trends.  

This is a fun job, and If you love social media, then this is a perfect job for you. 

social media

Market Demand: From the data collected from the U.S. Department of Labour, about a 12% increase in the demand for Social Media Managers within the next ten years is expected.

Average Salary: A social media manager makes around $55,000 – $70,000 per annum. The mean Salary is approximately $62,500, but some people are making money in six digits per annum by managing more than one account.

Pros and Cons

Social Media Managing is a new field with only a few people working in it. You need to figure out the algorithm of every social media to start managing it. It’s a complicated job, but the working hours depend upon your skills.

Following are some Pros and Cons of Social Media Manager

  • You are getting paid for something you love 
  • Your work can go Viral
  • You will get a real-time response to your work
  • The work is very engaging
  • If your first account goes viral, everyone will reach out to you for work 
  • No degree is required 
  • You need to develop a new strategy if the algorithm changes
  • Your mistakes can go viral as well 
  • A lot of patience is required 


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Web Developer

Every company is trying to establish itself on the internet, and web developers help them do so by designing and creating a website for them. A web developer designs the layout of the website and programs it to make it functional. It is a high paying job with good work-balance; it offers a high salary with a little requirement. 

web developer

Market Demand: Web developers are expected to grow about 13% in the next ten years, regarding the U.S. BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS. It is way more than any other job in the market.

Average Salary: The average salary of a web developer is $65,000-$80,000 per annum. The mean income is about $73,760 and is anticipated to rise to 6 digits in the tenure of five years. 

Pros and Cons

Web development is in rising demand with perfect work and life balance that lets you be the best in both worlds. Web developers work 6 – hours a day, which is nothing compared to doctors who sometimes work 22 hours a day. 

Pros and cons of Web development are:

  • Fewer working hours
  • Less stress 
  • Work from home is a possibility 
  • Opportunity to be creative 
  • You are your boss 
  • More work opportunity with greater experience 
  • High paying career fields
  • You will end up pushing a lot of time into minor details
  • Can be frustrating to handle negativity from a client 
  • Short deadlines (if you are new)

Registered Nurse

Becoming an R.N., or Registered Nurse, is a perfect opportunity for people to pursue a rewarding professional field without the cost and effort of becoming a physician or any medical specialty. Registered nurses usually require enrollment in a training school, in combination with a Bachelor’s or Associates’ Degree. They notify patients about appropriate health and medical services. 



Market Demand: Registered nurses are getting popularity over the years, and their popularity has skyrocketed with an estimate of 12% increase in demand within the next ten years.

Average Salary: The average salary of a registered nurse is about $65,000 – $85,000 per annum. The mean income is valued to be about $75,000, but it is increasing over time, because of its popularity.

Pros and Cons

Registered nurses are as important as doctors for a hospital. This career choice is better than many high paying jobs with good balance of work-life because it provides mental satisfaction and a perfect work-life balance.

 Following are the Pros and Cons of Working as a Registered Nurse

  • Nursing is a trusted profession
  • Many different specialties available
  • Rewarding 
  • Two rest days
  • Variety in your daily work
  • Helping to save lives
  • Dealing with bodily fluids
  • Stress that your patients depend on you
  • You cannot save everyone’s life under your care 

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Project Manager

A Project Manager works with a team to get their goal and help them succeed in a specific amount of time. It is considered the most high paying job with a good work life balance in the U.K. Project Managers are highly respected because they help the company to reach its goal. A bachelor’s degree in management is required to pursue this career. 

project manager


Market Demand: Projects Managers are so much is in demand that according to the surveys, each year, their popularity increases to 1.15% per year. 

Average Salary: project Manager makes around $89,000 -$95,000. The mean value is $92,000, but with its increasing popularity, the salary will be increased to six digits.

Pros and Cons

Project Manager helps a company to boost its sale. They help them to become successful and play an essential part in any industry. It is the best among every high paying best work-life balance finance jobs.

Following are the pros and cons of being a Project Manager 

  • Interacting with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Better Communication 
  • You learn to create a company from nothing
  •  You are credited for the success 
  • High Salary 
  • If your team member messes up something, you are responsible 
  • Too much responsibility 


Pharmacists are specialists in using drugs and other chemicals for the benefit of humanity. They work in pharmacies or pharmaceutical industry. They discuss the structure, impact, modes of action and safe and successful substance usage.



Market Demand: Demand for pharmacists has increased over the past two years due to their inadequacy in the market. Popularity has increased in the U.S. by up to 5%.

Average Salary: The average salary of a pharmacist is about $81,000 -$137,000. The mean salary is about $109,000. But with the recent popularity of Pharmacists, it is expected to increase.

Pros and Cons

Pharmacy is a versatile job with many positions. It provides work hours like no other job, and it is manageable.

Following are the pros and cons of being a pharmacist 

  • License is not necessary for every field 
  • You can work from home
  • You can pick your own timing 
  • High job satisfaction and stability
  • The education requirements are extensive
  • There’s a lot of standing involves 
  • You will face addicts in this profession

Data Scientist

Big data wranglers are data scientists. The role of a data scientist combines computational science, statistics, and mathematics. They gather and analyze large sets of structured and unstructured data, processed and model data, and then understand the results to create workable plans for businesses and other organizations. 

Data Scientist


Market Demand: Data scientist is one of the most demanded jobs in the market right now. In 2020 there demand spiked up to 20%, which is more than any career. For more information, visit here.

Average Salary: Because of its unusual demand in the market, its average salary is $83,000 -$154,000. The mean salary will be $118,500, but its nothing compared to what people are making after their first year in this field. 

Pros and Cons

If you are looking fora good work life with great pay and love working with numbers,  you cannot go wrong with data science. A data scientist works hand in hand with the Project Manager, but their work is more complicated and based on calculations and algorithms. 

Following are some pros and cons of data scientist 

  • It’s in demand
  • High Salary 
  • Perfect Work-Life Harmony
  • A data scientist can help save life if in a medical field
  •  No boring tasks 
  • Develops understanding with numbers and their interactions 
  • Mastering Data Science is near to impossible
  • A lot of information is still not enough
  • Your and your company’s privacy is in your hand. There is no room for mistake.


Dentists play a significant role in our society. They are healthcare professionals and professionalizes in curing oral diseases related to our teeth and mouths. This is one of the best balance of work and life with one of the highest pay.



Market Demand: In recent years, the demand for a dentist has increased to 7%, which is not much compared to other careers, but is a considerable requirement compared to other healthcare professions. 

Average Salary: Dentist makes a lot of money ranging from $107,440 – $208,00 per annum, with a mean value of $157,720, which is a lot considering, 5 to 7 working hours in a personal clinic. 

Pros and Cons

The working hours of the dentist are so flexible if you run your own clinic, you can adjust appointments at any time, and at maximum, each patient requires 30 to 50 minutes. This stretches you a proportion of time to spend with your friends and family members.

Following are the Pros and Cons of being a dentist:-

  • Flexible scheduling 
  • Fewer working hours 
  • No stress 
  • Easy work 
  • Huge demand 
  • A lot of respect 
  • Occasionally unpleasant patients 
  • Expensive Education 
  • The yuck factors 
  • Challenging patients, i.e., crying kids 

These are top-rated career choices for people who wish to pursue a career in
high paying jobs with good work life balance. These are best suited for male as well as female, particularly who prefer working from home. Although the above-mentioned careers are beneficial in this regard, their cons are near to negligible and cannot effect your life-balance. 

All these professions are anticipated to boom in the coming years and surely your revenue too. Choose the one that fits your passion and work best for you and your family!

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