Best Work From Home Jobs Currently Available From 3 Different Sites

Are you looking for a job with flexible hours and a better work-life experience? Then you are not alone. About 40% of jobs that require to sit in an office can be done from home, and 54% of Americans want to work from home after this coronavirus pandemic ends.

This increase in interest in working from home is not a coincidence. It is more convenient and comfortable. Now, you might be wondering how many work from home jobs are there currently available in the market?

Then there is no need for searching around because we bring you the latest jobs available on LinkedIn, FlexJobs and AngleList.


LinkedIn offers a lot of work from home jobs, on search 673,570 results popped up. To ensure employment, you should act fast.

 Following are the best offers we found that anyone can apply for

Customer Service – Work From Home by TNG, Inc.


customer service work from home

All you need is excellent communication skills to get this job, which is not a lot of requirements for many folks out there. It is a full-time job with a 14 dollars per hour salary, which is hard to reject. So, create an attractive application and apply now

Work from Home Opportunity! by PeopleShare


work from home opportunity

It is your chance to work as an insurance agent. No, specific education is required; companies requirement is to be only a high school graduate. It is a full-time job with the alternating day and night shifts. The pay rate is 14 dollars per hour, which s not bad for a high school graduate. 

Remote/Work From Home-Customer Service/Retention Agent by Oceans Edge Acquisitions


Remote work from home customer service

If you have the skills to talk someone into something, then working in customer services is for you. This is a ten-week paid internship, during which they will evaluate your skills, which can lead to permanent employment. All you need is excellent communication skills and computer that can pass this test. All the meetings will conference on ZOOM. 

Remote Freelance Writer by Ultius


remote freelance work by ultius

Are you good at writing and want your skills to shine? Then this particular job is waiting for you. Their average pay is about $11 – $22 per page, which is a lot considering that a 500-word article can cover 1.5 pages.  They require to have any 4-year degree, Excellent communication skills, ability to follow instructions, and a Paypal Account.

Work From Home – Work With Us! (Remote Opportunity) by The Cross Organization

work from home - remote opportunity

The Cross Organization is searching for committed, trustworthy, and skilled customer support practitioners to serve a wide variety of positions within their corporation and help their costumers and business clients introducing to the company. They have flexible hours and days and communicate with you through an online interview. You need a minimum of 5 Mbps internet connection to get this job. 

Review of LinkedIn

All of these jobs are available right now, and you can apply for them on Linked In. This is a perfect opportunity to get rid of your previous job and start working on your dream job from your house. Above mentioned jobs are only a few from what are available currently. 


Flexjobs is another online platform that offers remote-jobs with good income and flexible hours. The one good thing about this website that the old ads also offer employment even if they are a month or two old. So, there is no rush to apply yourself for the job, but it is better to do so before they take down their ad. 

Following is a variety of work from home jobs  available on FlexJobs:

Home, Pets, Crafts Content Update Editor

remote content jobs

This is a content update job in which you will only have to tweak some content provided to you by the company. You required to have four years of experience in content writing and a bachelor’s degree, which is not a big requirement for a job that pays $25 per hour. It is a great work from home job. 

At Home Sales Representative

at home sales rep remote

Ever wanted to be a sales representative, but too lazy to get off your couch to go to the job. Then this offer is perfect for you. All that is required is a good communication skill and nothing more. You can start earning $14 per hour by just sitting on a couch, talking to costumers on a call. 

Bilingual Home Agent

bilingual home agent work from home

If you know Spanish and want to use that skill of your in a useful way, then you can now by applying for this Home agent job. You can work at the call center and become a representative, all while being in the comfort of your house. So, go and join now. 

Smart Home Guides Writer

smart home guide writer work from home

If you are a tech geek and know gadgets to make your life easier, then you can apply for this job and start earning. All you need to do is write of stuff that can make a life of an average user a lot simpler and better. It is a flexible job, and you have the option to decide your hours. 

Review Of FlexJobs 

FlexJobs provides you with a 100% scam free offers that you can apply to in to get employed. The majority of jobs In FlexJobs is based on work from the home basis and helps you find a job quicker than ever. With a robust application, no one can steal your place from you. 


The last website we are looking at is AngleList. It is a highly professional website and requires a college degree in every field of work. It is hard to find any jobs for highschool interns. That’s being said, let us continue with our list:

Work from home dispatcher

work from home dispatcher

This request is looking for a person who knows how to send emails and organize files that can direct with clients who are having problems. This is not a tough task, and it results in earning $70K – &100k annum, all by working from home.

Data Scientist (Remote)

remote job data scientist

If you know data science and can manage computer and statistical data economically, then this offer is just for you. The companies mission is to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency so that you and the rest of the world can achieve financial freedom and inclusion. This sounds amazing, and you can help them achieve their goal with your skill. They are offering $110k – $155k per annum, for there data scientist. 

Solutions Engineer (Remote)

remote job solutions engineer

A solution engineer works to make the company more successful by discussing its sales and orders with the members of the company. You need a college degree to pursue this career. But once you have done so, you will be earning 100k – $145k per annum. This is a lot compared to how little you are working, and you are working from home.

Dental Software Sales Representative – Remote

remote job dental software sales rep

Are you a dentist, but sick of going to a clinic for work, well now you can become a virtual dentist. This application offers you a job to become a dentist and consult people online whether they need to see a doctor or not. Your pay will be $48k – $60k per annum. A little less than usual for a dentist, but you are in your house working through a webcam, so no complaints. 

Remote Lead generation

remote position lead generation

As a remote lead generation, your job will be to manage the database of your company and make it more organized. You also need Research contacts for companies and add appropriate contacts into’s campaigns, which integrates with Pardot to run Delve Health’s three-week automated sales campaign, which is pretty straightforward with a price point of $1k – $1.2k. This is a great deal.

There are a plethora of sites with work from home offers posted on them. We scrolled through the internet and sieved out only a few from the best. These are high paying jobs that don’t require you to spend on any type of transportation whatsoever. These jobs are totally remote and give you perfect work and life balance.

This is to be understood that if you are determined, you can find out offers better than the ones mentioned above. Finding a job is not hard; finding the courage to find a job is sometimes difficult. To ensure good employment, you need to search hard and polish your skills to stand out from the rest. Be determined and motivated, and you will find your dream job.

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