Writer typing with retro writing machine.

Once a human being understands that life is more about individual survival and development – there is a more profound interest in making the world a better place by sharing one’s own experience. 

My goal is to create the best work-life balance and work from the home community around. Though I have analyzed and determined I can not do this alone.  So it’s time to create a structure and reach out to build up a strong community. I understand that we will not be able to do it ourselves! It is time to accept help from other writers.

Process of cooperation:

  1. Together we will come up with cooperation terms (price per word) and how many articles per month you can provide.
  2. We will come up with topics of the article and some basic descriptions of the contents of it. We now have 50+ ideas. We have researched each topic and we will provide you with average article size (on average it is 1500 words) and complexity based on what other articles are about the topic. 
  3. You will have the freedom to research and deliver the content.
  4. We will add some pictures and graphics once the article is finished.

Price for articles

The price range depends on the previous experience, how well our rules are followed, and the quality of the article. We offer to start at 2 cents per word that results in 30$ for a 1500 word article. Once we have proof that the quality is sufficient we are ok of increasing the price and also give You more freedom on choosing your own topics. 

Should you be a full-time writer?

No. we are looking for practitioners – people who actually know the topic and live by it. Of course, you should be proficient in English grammar to express your knowledge! 

If you have written and published some blog posts – please send us the links. This will help us understand what your capabilities are. 

How much should you be able to write?

We are looking for at least 5000 words per month. (Ideally 10’000 words.) This should take 10-20 hours of your time in a month and you can have extra cash for something you like starting from 100$ per month. 

How to apply?

  1. Fill out the form on the Contact page.
  2. Create a google document with an article (this will help us understand if you know how to deal with Google Documents.
  3. In that document please write a 1500 word article about any subject regarding work-life balance. We guarantee that if we choose to publish your article on our site – you will get paid.

Contact us here.

We promise to reply to anyone who has signed up with our rules above. And even if we don’t cooperate in the future, you will get our feedback about the article that you have written.