15 Rewarding Jobs for Work Life Balance

15 rewarding jobs for work life balance

Finding a job with a good work-life balance can be very challenging. On the one hand, you want a job that provides the most potential for career growth and development as well as financial rewards. On the other hand, you also want more freedom and a more fulfilling personal life.

The good news is that you can have your cake and eat it too. As many professionals have discovered, having a rewarding career and a happy personal life is within the realm of possibility. In this article, we will go over the rationale behind work life balance and list down some jobs that will enable you to achieve that balance.

Why jobs for work life balance are important

Jobs work life balance are essential to ensure a healthy and satisfactory life. With less than optimal work-life balance, workers have a higher likelihood of burning out and experiencing various health issues. In some cases, prolonged periods of work-related stress can even result in depression and chronic illnesses.

A survey conducted by HR software provider CIPHR reveals that 75% of working adults experience considerable stress and anxiety related to work. Many also feel intense pressure to ensure that the family’s needs are met and that there is enough money for future needs and emergencies.

Of the 1,400 workers surveyed, as many as 53% find it extremely difficult to maintain a proper balance between work and home life. Furthermore, many workers feel that their employers do not place enough importance on ensuring a healthy workplace.

Some studies also reveal that workers who enjoy favorable work life balance jobs show improved work performance. In many cases, having interests outside of work enhances performance and increases job satisfaction.

How jobs for work-life balance are rated

Rating jobs for work life balance requires assessing how well these jobs ensure physical health and mental well-being. Both are equally essential when determining the feasibility of a job for work life balance. It is also important to ensure that the jobs in question allow for a reasonable degree of career growth and progression while enabling the workers to enjoy a happy and fulfilling personal life.

‘Work life balance’ doesn’t necessarily mean a strict 50-50 split between work and personal life. Depending on the needs and preferences of the individual, one area may weigh more heavily than the other, and vice versa. For most people, proper work-life balance is achieved when there is fulfillment in both their work and in their personal lives.


15 jobs for better work-life balance

Here are 15 jobs you could consider in your quest for optimum work-life balance:

Corporate Recruiter is one of the best Work-Life Balance jobs
Corporate Recruiter

Work-Life balance rating: 4.1
Average annual salary: $58,661
What they do: Identify qualified personnel to work for the company and facilitate their entry into relevant positions in the firm.
Best work-life balance companies: Chicago Social Media Marketing Group, Staffing Advisors of Maryland


User Experience Designer has a rating of 4.1 of work life balance job

User Experience Designer

Work-life balance rating: 4.1
Average annual salary: $90,697
What they do: Design and develop more efficient and more productive interfaces and workflows. They are typically involved in the design of products and systems for end-users.
Best work-life balance companies: Pathrise, Light Professional IT Services LLC<


Data Scientist is a popular job with solid balance

Data Scientist

Work-life balance rating: 4.0
Average annual salary: $117,345
What they do: Collect and analyze data from databases and information sources. They routinely derive usable information from numbers and statistics.
Best work-life balance companies: Triplebyte, Pathrise


Strategy Manager has a high paying salary making a good working job

Strategy Manager

Work-life balance rating: 4.0
Average annual salary: $125,899
What they do: Evaluate companies’ short and long-term goals, planning an effective course of action toward the achievement of those goals. They are primarily responsible for developing business and operations strategies.
Best work-life balance companies: Veeva Systems, Unite Us


Shopify and Zendesk offer some of the best work-life companies as a Technical Account Manager careers

Technical Account Manager

Work-life balance rating: 4.0
Average annual salary: $75,831
What they do: Oversee and manage the performance and scheduling of technical support services. They typically serve as the primary contact person between customers and the company’s support staff.
Best work-life balance companies: Shopify, Zendesk


Mobile developer which has a work-life balance rating of 4.0

Mobile Developer

Work-life balance rating: 4.0
Average annual salary: $97, 445
What they do: Design and develop applications for smartphones and mobile devices. They may also troubleshoot software and develop bug fixes to ensure optimum performance.
Best work-life balance companies: FullStack.Expert, Beep, Inc.


DevOps Engineer overing a great job for a balanced career

DevOps Engineer

Work-life balance rating: 4.0
Average annual salary: $89,758
What they do: Develop operational programs for troubleshooting and address issues related to development, testing, and production. Candidates typically have extensive backgrounds in coding and systems engineering.
Best work-life balance companies: Guardian Life Insurance Company, SwissBorg


Research Engineer is a great career for life and work combined.

Research Engineer

Work-life balance rating: 3.9
Average annual salary: $89,758
What they do: Coordinate and perform scientific research for companies, gathering data, analyzing samples, and testing variables.
Best work-life balance companies: Duckduckgo, Montana State University


Marketing Analyst can offer a wonderful culture in the company workforce

Marketing Analyst

Work-life balance rating: 3.9
Average annual salary: $60,823
What they do: Analyze market trends and assess customer satisfaction. They also study the marketing strategies and operations of competitors and devise strategies to increase profitability.
Best work-life balance companies: The Search Guru, Upwork


Substitute Teacher is a wonderful and fulfilling job

Substitute Teacher

Work-life balance rating: 3.9
Average annual salary: $29,501
What they do: Serve as auxiliary teaching personnel for teachers that are on leave from work or otherwise occupied.
Best work-life balance companies: TECCA, Educators On Call


Library offers some of the best work-life balance companies

Library Assistant

Work-life balance rating: 3.9
Average annual salary: $24,878
What they do: Assist library patrons in checking in and checking out books, and organize library entries.
Best work-life balance companies: University of California Berkeley, Taft College


The freedom that comes with Social Media Manager make it a desirable life and work mix.

Social Media Manager

Work-life balance rating: 3.8
Average annual salary: $55,199
What they do: Manage the company’s social media channels. Depending on their job description, they may also be responsible for developing the company’s social media marketing strategy.
Best work-life balance companies: Web Strategy Plus, StartEngine


Web Designer a one of the most popular careers right now due to the wonder lifestyle you can create

Web Designer

Work-life balance rating: 3.8
Average annual salary: $57,470
What they do: Design and layout the visual aspect of a company’s website. They are typically responsible for developing color schemes, themes, settings, and the overall graphic design of websites.
Best work-life balance companies: Webaholics, Online Connections


Content Manager has a very popular work and balance rating

Content Manager

Work-life balance rating: 3.8
Average annual salary: $64, 367
What they do: Manage every aspect of a website’s content creation, from generating copy to proofreading and editing. Content managers may also be responsible for scheduling content uploads and media releases.
Best work-life balance companies: Power Digital Marketing, Aflac


Project Analyst rounds up the top 15 most rewarding jobs for work-life balance

Project Analyst

Work-life balance rating: 3.8
Average annual salary: $61,657
What they do: Analyze the project’s cost and profitability, ensuring the project’s conformance to the budget until completion.
Best work-life balance companies: ROI Healthcare Solutions, US Department of Health And Human Services


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